• Hi!
    I'm Jaki.


  • I'm an illustrator and designer with a passion for dynamic visual storytelling.

    In addition to creating the webcomics KISMET and Ladykillers, I also work as a colorist and inker on Lore Olympus.

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Read my webcomic:

As interplanetary war threatens the perseid system, a scientist ventures to the far reaches of space in her search for the truth: is humanity the master of its own fate, or is destiny truly inescapable?

Published through Hiveworks
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Read my webcomic:

Tempers flare as two thieves compete for the ultimate prize in this exciting fantasy heist.

Published through Webtoon CANVAS


I look foward to connecting with you!

Please email me using the form below for commission inquiries or if you have any questions about my work. If you would like to drop me a line through social media, you are also welcome to send me a message on my twitter, tumblr, or instagram!

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